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Fur Trade Stories Timeline
  From 1600 to 1867
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This section illustrates the conflicts between the demands of the fur trade and Red River agricultural settlement.

-58- Nicholas Garry: Chippeway Friendship
-59- Nicholas Garry: Hostilities, Swiss Colonists & Voyageurs
-62- Daniel Harmon: Battle at Seven Oaks
-98- John Tanner: Hostilities with Settlers
-99- John Tanner: De Meurons to Red River
-64- John Pritchard: Battle at Seven Oaks
-70- Thomas Pinfold: HBC vs the French
-56- Alexander Ross: Battle at Seven Oaks
-8- Letitia Hargrave: Food Rations
-121- Peter Fidler: Daily Activities
(B10) Bard of the Prairies
B15 - Romance Contract
220 - Cuthbert Grant
241 - Nicholas Garry
--12-- Seven Oaks, 1816